Seventh grade English Pre-AP students develop and present ideas to school and community leaders in a “Shark Tank” themed event.

Working collaboratively in groups, students developed and created a must-have invention. Through this project, students completed the following tasks: concept development based on research and needs analysis, business plan, product design with blueprint, multi-media presentation, and a three-minute sales pitch script. The event was modeled after the ABC show “Shark Tank,” which features innovators pitching their ideas to gain monetary support from a panel of well-known investors.

On May 28, each group presented a three-minute sales pitch to local “Sharks,” Whitehouse ISD Superintendent Daniel DuPree, Director of Curriculum, Betty Lough, Junior High Principal, Josh Garred, and Whitehouse Mayor Danny Hogden. In return, the local “Sharks” chose to invest or pass based on each group’s persuasive techniques and the responses from a two-minute question and answer session. Students were able to answer questions about concept, operation, materials, competition, superiority, variations, target market, and price.

Some favorite inventions were Pastries for Education, a baking business offering proceeds to create scholarships for Whitehouse ISD students, Hungr Bustr, a gum to curb appetites and promote healthy eating, Eco-School, an app to make homework easier and reduce the amount of paper being used in classrooms, and Ultra Golfer System, a GPS tracking system to alleviate lost golf balls.