Cain Elementary completed its annual Punt, Pass and Kick (PPK) competition sponsored by the National Football League.

Coaches Holly Drain, Walter Vermillion and Nick Kunzman led their 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students through the competition. Competitors ranged in age from 8-12 years old. The winner of each age division advanced to the Sectional Competition in Longview.

The winners from the Longview Sectional Competition have the potential to advance to the Regional Competition to be held during the pre-game festivities of a Dallas Cowboys football game at the AT&T Stadium on November 2, 2014. The participants who advance to the Regional Competition will be announced in the next two weeks.

Cain Elementary competed in the following age divisions: 8-9, 10-11, and 12-13.

The local winners in each division were as follows:

Boys 8-9
1st Place – Dawson Lathrop
2nd Place –Iven Lacy
3rd Place – Jack Johnson

Girls 8-9
1st Place – Shanna Ellis
2nd Place – Julie Smith
3rd Place – Maddie Rogers

Boys 10-11
1st Place – Jaylon Horton
2nd Place – Isaac Lacy
3rd Place – Erik Brody (tied)
3rd Place – Quincy Allen (tied)

Girls 10-11
1st Place – Alyssa Schminkey
2nd Place – Audrie Anglin
3rd Place – Keara Rodriguez

Boys 12-13
1st Place – Ulises Martinez
2nd Place – Alex Rivera
3rd Place – Conner Rainey

Girls 12-13
1st Place – Amy Beam
2nd Place – Hannah Harper
3rd Place – Madison Hammett

The results of the Longview Sectional Competition were as follows:

Girls 8-9
1st Place - Shanna Ellis

Boys 10-11
1st Place – Jaylon Horton

Girls 10-11
2nd Place – Alyssa Schminkey

The PPK is a national skills competition for boys and girls between the ages of 6-15 years to compete separately against their peers. Established in 1961, the PPK program is the oldest NFL Youth Football program.

Girls and boys in five separate age divisions compete against each other in punting, passing and place kicking in a fun and engaging forum. The PPK is free to organizers and to every child who wants to participate.

With more than three million boys and girls from around the country taking part in PPK competitions every year from July through January, it is one of the world’s largest youth sports participation programs.

“I remember as a child growing up in Uvalde, Texas, and watching this competition take place at the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium on national television,” stated Coach Drain. “I would always think to myself that I could do that! Growing up with an older brother and playing football outside every single day, I had grown to love everything about the sport. I believed I could win it, if I was just given the chance. However, my small town did not offer this program. I knew that if I ever did coach, that I would make sure this opportunity was available to my students. I have always loved playing football and watching football. I think Punt, Pass & Kick is one of the best programs that the NFL offers for kids!”

Coach Drain added that she loves watching the students’ excitement and growth in the competition.
“I just watched one of our girls, Shanna Ellis, achieve her goal and win the event in Longview. I was so excited for her and her family! And witnessing Jaylon Horton win his division for the second year in a row was awesome, too! I am so glad that we have volunteers in our area like Harry Eneman, our NFL Sectional Coordinator, who carry on the tradition of a great NFL program. Now we will sit and wait to see if our Cain students’ scores are high enough to get into the Regional Competition in Dallas. Regardless, I am so proud of all of them,” Coach Drain said.

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