Whitehouse Independent School District has received notification from a contracted archival company that a vehicle trailer containing certain paper records of some former students was recently stolen.

As a part of the District’s ongoing records management program, a third-party service located in Shreveport, Louisiana periodically archives a portion of WISD’s paper files of former students. After processing, the archival service placed the paper files into a trailer for return to Whitehouse ISD. The trailer was stolen before the archival service returned the paper records to the school district. The theft has been reported to the Shreveport Police Department and, out of an abundance of caution, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The District is cooperating in every possible way with the investigation of the theft. The present location of the trailer and the paper files it contained is unknown.

The missing paper records contain personally identifiable student information and other items routinely maintained by the District in student cumulative folders. The missing paper records include folders for 2011 and 2012 graduates from Whitehouse High School and any student who attended Whitehouse ISD at any point in their school career whose graduation date would have been in 2011 or 2012. The District is mailing notification letters to students whose addresses are still active in the district’s system. If students or their families have moved, however, the District does not have their current address. Therefore, the District is making this announcement as another means of communicating this incident to affected persons.

While the District remains hopeful that law enforcement will recover and return the missing paper records, it is possible that some personal information may be compromised as a result of this incident. Therefore, the District is encouraging those who may be affected to closely monitor their account statements and review the resources listed below. If any suspicious or unusual activity is discovered, or if fraud is suspected, a report should be made immediately to the appropriate financial institutions and law enforcement authorities, including the Shreveport Police Department.

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Equifax Credit Bureau

Experian Credit Bureau

Trans Union Credit Bureau

Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline

FTC’s Consumer Response Center:

Texas Attorney General identity theft resources:


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