WISD Education Foundation Surprises Teachers with First Annual Grant Awards
The Whitehouse ISD Education Foundation, accompanied by administrators, donors, and members of the Whitehouse Junior High School cheerleading team and drum line, surprised teachers across the district to award Foundation grants for innovative teaching projects. Approximately $22,000 in grant money was given to various teachers throughout the district.

During the Fall, 2014 semester, there were 30 grant applications submitted to the Foundation for consideration. At the December regular school board meeting, the Foundation presented the funds to the district to be awarded.

The Foundation surprised teachers on Thursday, December 11 by arriving unannounced to their classrooms to notify them that they had received one of the Foundation Grants. The Foundation enjoyed celebrating with teachers and their students. In all, monies raised from private individuals and businesses in the Whitehouse community will fund a total of 17 grants either in part or whole. This money will ultimately be used by 40 teachers and will affect several thousand students across the district.

Foundation President Nathaniel Moran noted that these numbers exceeded the expectations of the Foundation. “I am amazed at the support this community has for our teachers and students,” Moran said. “It has been such an honor to be a part of this entire grant process.”

The grants were awarded to the following teachers:

• 21st Century Skills, “Inquire” and “In Sigh:” Nancy Morgan - $734.70

• Apple TV, iPads, Listening Center and Weekly Readers: Ericka Prather, Tara James, Angie Downs, Merritt Stewart and Meagan Hays - $4,019.85

• Count With Me: Becky Ulmen - $211.58

• Diversity in Reading: Michele Cole - $377.40

• Finding a Way to Get Playaways: Katy Ybarra, Laurie Rozell - $844.90

• Fix it Now: Michael Linch - $1,000

• How Do I Do That Again: Anna Boney, Lauren Rhodes, Deborah Wong, Kimberly Updike, Jeremy Brandt, Lorendia Robertson, Lisa Harris - $1,799.94

• Hydroponic Gardening in the Classroom: Angela Conner - $509.85

• iPads for RtI: Kaye Bryan, Terry Shaw, Susan Hazelwood - $1,574

• Level Up to 100% English Engagement and Excitement: Michelle Conner, Randi Dunn, Lindsay Durst, Dee Landers, Denise Martin, Jose Perez - $1,617.13

• Listen to Reading with Playaways: Nicole Moore - $213.91

• Math is in the Air: Rebecca Clements, Shelley Beaumont, Charity Shipman, Shelby Brooks, Allison Adams - $3,247.50

• Music Grand Staff: Terry Shaw - $190.14

• Technology for Life Skills: Sheila MacBride - $577

• The Thrill of the Hunt: Joanna Stamps, Tammy Monroe, Amy Cooksy - $2,327.60

• The Write Voice: Randi Dunn, Michelle Conner - $353.88

• To Read or Not to Read: Tracey Carter, Johna Clemons - $1,869.80